Volume 9, no. 6

December/January 2007

Native Intelligence


The Seahorse Whisperers

Maui Moderne

The Shrug Queen

Aqua Culture

Full Bloom

Ring of Fire

Vodka No Ka ‘Oi

The Royal Feathers

‘Ohana Style



A Little Night Music

Matt Catingub builds an orchestra . . . and jazzes it up with Hawai‘i's top vocalists

The Goto Guy

Meet the man behind O‘ahu's ocean lifesavers

The Sweet (& Sour) Life

Crack seed wasn't born in Hawai‘i, but it grew up here

Hearts of Palm

Meet a few passionate eccentrics on the Big Island who are on a mission: to preserve some of the world's wildest trees

On the Rocks

Pounding ‘opihi on Hawai‘i's hidden coasts

Top Flight

What makes SFO so great?

Reedemption Songs

Paula Fuga has become one of Hawai‘i's hottest musical acts . . . but that's not why she's singing

World Class

Manoa's Asian Theatre Program takes center stage

School of a Lifetime

Resurrecting old Maui High

Hawaiian Life