Volume 9, no. 2

April/May 2006

Native Intelligence

Back from the Brink

Plate Movement

Taote Sinto

The Art of Partying

Brave New Farmers


Puff Daddy

From Russia with Love

Telling History

Sheltered Bay and Spouting Water

History, Written In Stone



The Way Forward

After more than a century of turmoil, Kaho‘olawe is poised for a new beginning

Real Croquet

Genteel  on the surface but ruthless right to the core, this is real croquet

Be Hawaiian! Eat Seaweed!

Shave Ice

In a land of sunshine sports, hockey is a cool alternative

The Shape of Sound

How do we hear a spiral? See a sonata? Only Steve Rosenthal knows for sure

One Step Beyond

Maui's windfishing community takes hybrid sporting to a new extreme

Remains of the Day

Hawai‘i’s history is preserved in its cemeteries

Magic Bean

When Jim Reddekopp decided to be a farmer, he chose the world's most labor-intensive crop

Hawaiian Life