Volume 8, no. 3

June/July 2005

Native Intelligence


Birds of a Feather

International Movements

Indelible Ink

Kim Chi

Cold Comfort

Cereus Business

Riffing Stars


A Hip-Hop Love Letter



Rites of Passage

Six not-so-ancient mariners venture into the Pacific the old-fashioned way—in an outrigger canoe

The Spirit Well

Native Hawaiian medicine is re-emerging to offer a promise of greater health—and a whole new view of the world

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Hawaii's ultra-cyclists are on a joy ride to biking's outer limits

Inside the Dream Factory

Anna Peach fashions couture and commentary from the material of everyday life

Clowning Around

The people of BellyAcres and the Hiccup Circus make merry in Puna

The Metalworker

F. Sheriff creates art that is wry, deep and very Frank

In the Land of the People's Soul

With a sanshin in one hand and a spatula in the other, Grant Murata celebrates the music and food of Okinawa

The Dailey Show

Forty years ago, Fred and Murph Dailey started the Hawaii Polo Club and created an Island home for world-class polo

Making the Weather

Honolulu's forecasters predict for a vast area and a varied terrain ... so give them a break the next time it rains on your parade

United Notions

The International Marketplace lives up to its name—and to Oahu's, too

Hawaiian Life