Volume 8, no. 1

February/March 2005

Native Intelligence

The Feather Ladies

Day For Night

What's Good for the Goose

Lights, Camera, Movie Museum!

Power House

Peace Art

Grain of Truth

Thorny Propositions

Sex in the City

Power Suite



Shaping History

Wright Bowman Sr. and Jr. were master builders whose canoes included the Hokulea and the Hawaiiloa. Today their legacy lives on through the work of the Friends, who are maintaining the art of kalai waa

Life of the Land

From the top of Mount Kaala to the tip of Kaena Point, the moku of Waialua is home to the other North Shore: A place of scholars, farmers, entrepreneurs ... and the rural heart of Oahu

The Flow Masters

Bodysurfers thrive in wave riding's undercurrent ... and every winter they emerge from the depths to compete at Pipeline

On the Range

Our would-be archer takes aim at Kapiolani Park

Falling Star

Gravity's got nothing on vert skater Thumper Nagasako

Traveling Man

From Morocco to Greece to Polynesia, James Rumford's children's books celebrate the world and all that's in it

Back to the Garden

Oahu's Waimea Valley is flourishing anew in the hands of the Audobon Society

Shape Shifter

Honolulu's Kalani Queypo has fused his Hawaiian and Native American identities to forge a dynamic career

The Great Race

You want adventure? John Henderson and Raul Boca have got it for you

Built to Last

A new canoe comes home in Hana

Hawaiian Life