Volume 7, no. 3

June/July 2004

Native Intelligence

The Fantastic Four

'Shroom With A View

Round Sunset

Cinema Paradiso

Going Native

Talk of the Islands

Wheels of Fortune

Life is Beautiful



Sea Hunt

Forget the African plains--if it's big game you're after, head out into the Alenuihaha Channel and drop a line.

A Tale of Two Ranches

The price of beef is down, the price of life is up. But no worries. Hawaii's ranches are finding new ways to thrive.

The Rise of Shangri La

Doris Duke's love of Islam and the Islands led to the creation of an architectural masterpiece at Black Point.

Depth Charge

Annabel Briseno may be a grandmother, but that doesn't stop her from breaking the world's freediving records.

In the Mix

KTUH celebrates thirty-five years of airing on the creative side of noncommercial radio.

Living Laboratory

Hawaii's position as a hub of the Pacific makes it an ideal place to study the causes of cancer--and to find ways to conquer the disease

Birds of a Feather

Famed nineteenth century avian artist John James Audubon painted several of the species that inhabit the Islands

Hitting The High Notes

In honor of Hawaiian Airlines' 75th anniversary, we celebrate a few of the airline's artists and musicians

Hawaiian Life