Volume 7, no. 1

February/March 2004

Native Intelligence

Spineless Wonders

Catch of the Century

In Vino Veritas

Now Leaving Burgerland

The Princess and the B&B

On Sacred Ground



Song of the Islands

Hawaii's Queen wrote one, Hawaii's princesses sang one, and this year marks the art form's arrival in the Islands. Who knew opera had such an amazing history in Hawaii?

Roots Revival

An innovative program celebrates and protects the Islands' truly exceptional trees

Eat, Drink and Be Airy

Maui's sushi restaurants please more than just the palate

Wonders of the Deep

Hilo photographer Don Brown captures nature's artistry in the world's greatest ocean

Truck Stops

Tired of the same old grinds? Feed your head on Oahu's highways and byways


In 1786, La Perouse and his crew became the first Westerners to discover the pleasures of Maui

Tiny Bubbles

Ladies who spa visit Wai Me

Hawaiian Life