Volume 6, no. 5

October/November 2003

Native Intelligence

To Air is Divine

The Iron Age

East Meets West Fest

Days of the Word

Marvelous Mud


Shiny Baubles

Cuisine Art



Into the West

On Oahu's Waianae coast, the community is close, the land is fertile and things are growing

The Music Men

Cecilio and Kapono reunite to mark thirty years of good times together

Big Air on Mauna Kea

When winter storms bring snow to the volcano, Hawaii's snowboarders head for the summit and prepare for takeoff

The Island Rose

Hawaii's beloved Princess Kaiulani lived her short life among Island royalty and British aristocracy

Marae Mysteries

Renowned Bishop Museum archaeologist Yosi Sinoto has spent decades unearthing Tahiti's ancient past

Happening Hawi

A browser's sampler of Kohala's increasingly hip shops

Rug Addiction

A magic carpet ride transforms a philosophy teacher into one of Hawaii's most successful entrepreneurs

I Lost On Jeopardy

Who wants to be a millionaire, anyway?

Hawaiian Life