Volume 6, no. 4

August/September 2003

Native Intelligence

Royal Quarters

East Meets Northwest

Virtual Islands

Korea's Cutting Edge

Honolulu Heat

Purple Mountain Majesty



Making Hula History

The Kanakaole family dances into the future in the footsteps of the ancients

The Don

"Mr. Hawaii" on Ho's Honeys, the Duke and thirty-nine years of Tiny Bubbles

Welcome to Volleyball Paradise

Inside Hawaii's love affair with the game

Nature's Miniatures

Gary Greenberg's microscopic photography exposes the art of science

Global Village

The Polynesian Cultural Center celebrates forty years of pan-Pacific appeal


A Maui vacationer's guide to condo cooking

Remembering Ted

The life and times of Hawaii's first PGA star

Number-One Detective

Hunting down the real Charlie Chan

Hawaiian Life