Volume 6, no. 1

February/March 2003

Native Intelligence

Hard Rock

Ship's Log

Serious Clowning

Paradise Meets Shangri La

Body Art

Lahaina Nirvana

Role Model

Surf Spa

Sweet Cherries

Some Like It HOT



Wild Isle

Taking a Polynesian reality check on Huahine

Sake By The Bay

San Francisco's happening new sake scene

More Is Better

On its 75th anniversary, Honolulu Printmakers celebrates the mysterious art of the multiple image

House of Stories

Historic tales of Washington Place

For the Record

A massive archiving initiative aims to unveil millions of pages of historic Hawaiian writing

Foodie's Faves

A gourmet's pocket list of must-eat treats in the Islands

To Sea No More

A sailor's farewell to the Carthaginian II

Hawaiian Life