Volume 5, no. 4

August/September 2002

Native Intelligence

Counter Culture, Part 2

King's Guard

Fine Print

Paddling Prodigy

Puppy Love

Sin City Sushi

Jack Be Nimble

More Mo



Surfing the Halls of Power

Hawaii-raised photojournalist PF Bentley goes behind the political scenes to capture intimate images of America's leaders 

Triumph of Laughter

To Kalaupapa and beyond: Storyteller Makia Malo's extraordinary life journey 

Making A Splash

San Diego's Jet Set modeling agency surfs the sunny side of fashion 

Taking the Cure

Chasing a warm spot for hot springs 

Seeking a Common Tongue

Acclaimed linguist Sig Ramler promotes peace through understanding

Hawaii Calls

A former Islander pines for Paradise

Hawaiian Life