Volume 22, no. 4

August / September 2019

Native Intelligence

The Healing Tree

Green Therapy

From Morbid to Magical

Riding Small

Theater in the Ground

Native Woodwind

Restaurant on a Mission

Radio Days


The Manta Man of Kona

Manta rays changed Keller Laros’ life; now he strives to protect theirs

Living Lāna‘i

Whether it’s hula, hunting or teaching Hawaiian, Anela Evans shares the culture of her home island

Little Shrimp in a Big Pond

Hawai‘i might be small, but it’s a major player in the global shrimp industry

Digging Deep

Ron Artis II finds his groove

The Allure of Ulana

The Islands’ finest fiber artists gather to perpetuate Hawaiian weaving traditions

Decoding Tupaia

How successful would Captain Cook have been without the Tahitian navigator and his mysterious map?


Height of Uncertainty 

Are Moloka‘i’s sea cliffs really the world’s tallest?

Pacifica on the Pitch

Island athletes dominate in Rugby Sevens

Life on the Lava

It takes grit, creativity and a touch of madness to live in Pele’s shadow

Hawaiian Life

Connecting Flight

Corporate Kōkua

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines


The Islands in Our Stars