Volume 22, no. 3

June / July 2019

Native Intelligence

Kitty Klatch

Downtown Upscale Local

Friends for Chèvre

Sound & Style

Seabird Saviors

Avian Impressions


The Waterman Eclectic

Surfer, windsurfer, foilboarder, kitesurfer, stand up paddler——Kai Lenny takes to the water any way he can

String Band Revival

Sovereign Strings is breathing new life into nineteenth-century Hawaiian popular music

Women of the Cloth

In the hands of today’s practitioners, the ancient craft of kapa making becomes modern art

The Bigger Picture

To Kamea Hadar, every wall is a window

The Scout

Dan Cox knows major league talent when he sees it

Fete in the Garden

Each summer, Heiva i Kaua‘i brings the intensity and sensuality of Tahitian dance to the Garden Isle


Land Down Under

Hawai‘i’s best dive sites can be rough, dangerous, difficult—and totally worth it

Stone By Stone 

Can an ancient system of aquaculture help feed the Islands today?

The Great Migrations

New research into the settlement of Polynesia is filling in the gaps—and raising more questions—about one of humanity’s greatest achievements

Hawaiian Life

Connecting Flight

Hawai‘i’s Lifeline

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines


KitKat Krazy