Volume 21, no. 6

December 2018/January 2019

Native Intelligence

Books, Music and Aloha

Captain Cannabis

Parrots in Paradise

Grove of the Navigators

Stone Cold Aloha

The Secret Life of Caly

Hilo’s Hidden Gems

SoCal Slack


Getting Hooked

For ‘oama fishers, chasing small fry is a big deal

Hewing to Tradition

With a little help from Aotearoa, Hawai‘i carvers learn the (nearly) lost art of making ki‘i

From Groms to Greatness

Rainos Hayes coaches the surf pros of tomorrow

Return to the Y

Celebrating Hawai‘i’s big moment in skating history

David & Goliath

A groundbreaking exhibit at the Honolulu Museum of Art examines how King Kalākaua used foreign technology to promote Hawai‘i on the world stage

Kid Rock

Uncle Wayne and the Howling Dogs is the hardest-working band in keiki showbiz


Seven Hundred Miles to Glory

Five Ironmans on five islands in five days make the EPIC5—epic

Pier Pleasure

The Kapahulu groin is Waikīkī’s gathering place

These Old Houses

Among gleaming new high-rises, the vestiges of a bygone Waikīkī remain

Hawaiian Life

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines