Volume 21, no. 5

October/November 2018

Native Intelligence

Lit Up

Midtown Tiki

Dry Style

The Ultimate Foot Rub

The Encyclopedia of Wayfinding

Reel Women


Man of Makaha

Lifeguard, paddler, surfer — waterman Mel Pu‘u helped revolutionize ocean safety

Hapa’s Long Journey Home

After seventeen years apart, the dynamic musical duo has reunited

Big Grass Shack

As a construction material, bamboo is light, strong, sustainable and beautiful—and it’s just getting started in Hawai‘i

War Party

Where the Warriors play, the Road Warriors follow

The Connoisseur of Cacao

Dan O’Doherty wants to grow a better bar of chocolate

The Gathering Place

Hard to imagine today, but ‘A‘ala Park was once the bustling, gritty epicenter of Honolulu’s immigrant communities


Tales from Broke Neck Beach

The shore break at Sandy’s deals epic rides and crushing wipeouts

The Sea Trader

Like the merchant ships of old, the sailing vessel Kwai brings passengers and cargo to far-flung Pacific islands

Greetings from Hawai‘i

For nearly a century, the C. Teich Company’s iconic souvenir postcards helped shape Hawai‘i of popular imagining

Hawaiian Life

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines


Pigs from the Sea