Volume 21, no. 4

August/September 2018

Native Intelligence

The Waterman's Colors

Salon Earth

Community Fabric

Healing the Waters

Reclaimed Beauty

Maker's Mall

Cuts Above


The Undersea Gardeners

Love a reef, plant limu

Weaver of Song

Kuana Torres Kahele’s art is a tapestry made from many strands of Hawaiian culture

The Windrider

Maui’s windsurfing maestro Rob Funk is the unofficial mayor Ho‘okipa

Archiving Oceania

The University of Hawai‘i’s Pacific Collection has one goal: to build the most comprehensive and inclusive library of Pacific materials in existence

Root of Wonder

Daio Wasabi Farm has mastered the art of cultivating one of the world’s most finicky plants

The Wounded Warrior

After a tragic accident, Terry Kanalu Young found a way forward for himself and for his people


Aloha Bend

With its mountains, rivers and surfing wave in the middle of town, Bend, Oregon, is home to a community of Island transplants

Eyes of the World

Keeping the telescopes on Mauna Kea sharp requires constant maintenance and a delicate touch

Mapping the Stones

After the fall of Hawai‘i’s ancient religion, John Stokes was the first to catalog many of the Island’s significant heiau

Hawaiian Life

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines


A World in Grains of Sand