Volume 21, no. 3

June/July 2018

Native Intelligence

Homemade Haku

Kalihi Zen

Kino's Canoe

House of Cold Blood

In Their Own Words

An Island Roemance


The Wayfinder

From remote Ulithi to Hawai‘i, Max Yarawamai has navigated his way through an extraordinary life

Refined Movements

Richard Paige reinvents the classic pocket watch

Isle of the Automatons

Moloka‘i is the last place you’d expect to find globally competitive robotics teams. So why are they winning?

Heads Above Water

The University of Hawai‘i’s Sea Level Center monitors the rise and fall of Earth’s oceans—but mostly the rise

The Amazement Business

Hawai‘i is one of the nation’s hot spots for professional prestidigitation

Mary's Gifts

A new biography recounts the life of heiress and philanthropist Mary Foster, whose legacy enduresin Hawai‘i and Sri Lanka


The Fun Factory

It was once the hub of Waialua’s sugar industry. Now it’s home to a community of shapers fashioning some of the world’s finest surfboards.

Up the Long Mountain

Freezing lava deserts, altitude sickness and a steaming caldera make the Mauna Loa Trail one of Hawai‘i’s toughest, least attempted and most rewarding treks

Whole Lotta Love

Robert Knight was a kid from Pālolo when he fell for British rock—and his passion led to some of the best photography in rock ’n’ roll

Hawaiian Life

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines


Finding Flow