Volume 21, no. 2

April/May 2018

Native Intelligence

Creating Space

For the Wayfinders

Free Birdie

Bread from Breadfruit

The Waters of Kāne

Red Temple, Golden Jubilee

The Eight-mile Miracle

Checkered Past


Man of Steel

Neil Kamimura has forged his own path to mastery

Rise of the Seabots

A new generation of marine robots is surveying the world’s oceans

Rockefeller's Hawai‘i

Developer, environmentalist and patron of the arts Laurance Rockefeller pursued a progressive vision for Hawai‘i tourism while striving to protect its natural and cultural heritage

The Forest of Dreams

To revive a vanishing habitat, Art Medeiros started planting it

Chairman of the Board

Where would surfing be without Tom Blake?

Stone by Stone

Restoring the once-thriving Hawaiian village of Kaneiolouma


Far Out

Getting away from it all on Hawai‘i’s piers

The Royal Orders

Nineteenth-century Hawaiian monarchs bestowed marks of distinction to honor those who served the kingdom—and to affirm the Islands’ sovereignty on the world stage

Seeing Blue

In his forty-year career, Brian Bielmann has shot some of surfing’s most iconic images

Hawaiian Life

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines


Skin Deep