Volume 19, no. 4

August/September 2016

Native Intelligence

Recalling the Stars

Banana Bonanza

Truly Native

Kaua‘i Al Fresco

Restart the Presses

The Book of Palms

Music on Wheels

For the Record


The Return of Miss Ulysses

As a teenager Johnny Frisbee left Pukapuka, traveled the world and wrote a classic account of growing up on a South Seas atoll. Sixty-five years later, she headed home.

‘Elepaio Enduring

Cute and curious, Hawaii’s native flycatcher is a surprisingly tenacious survivor

The Biggest Kitchen

How the Hawaii Convention Center delivers meals on an industrial scale

Kanikapila Redux

The spirit of Gabby Pahinui’s legendary backyard jams lives on

The Polynesian Polymath

From weaponry to ‘ukulele, artist Keith Maile has carved his niche

The Architect of Hope

Alfred Preis fled the Nazis, suffered internment and built some of Hawaii’s most enduring structures and institutions

LA Raw

The poke craze hits SoCal

Remembering Papa

A new biography views one of nineteenth-century Hawai‘i’s most important figures—John Papa ‘Ī‘ī—through native eyes


The Deep End

From Kawaihoa to Makapuu, the Ka Iwi coast is Oahu untamed shore

Basement Bora Boras

For hardcore Poly-pop enthusiasts, home is where the tiki bar is

The Far Atolls

Twenty-five days in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Hawaiian Life

Connecting Flight

Full Circle

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines


The Thrill of Suspension