Volume 19, no. 2

April/May 2016

Native Intelligence

Monterey’s Mōlī

The Return of the Sphinx

Convention of Cute

Mineral Kingdom

Fairway Rider

Palm Artistry

Clean Cuts


Dyed & True

Hawaiian Blue brings a lighter mood to indigo

The Lifeguard's Lifeguard

Since the days of Eddie Aikau, Mark Dombroski has stood watch over one of the North Shore’s most dangerous spots

The Man With Tiki Vision

Brad Parker took poly-pop from lowbrow to highbrow and back again

Portrait of a Resistance

Since the 1970s Ed Greevy has documented the struggle of Native Hawaiian rights

The Valley’s Keeper

Into Moanalua with Roddy Akau

School of the Sea

The Marimed Foundation strives to get Native Hawaiians back on the water

Moving Stories

From the great migrations to rising seas, Peter Espiritu dances the past and the future of Pacific Island people


Below the Gap

Life in wild, sparsely inhabited and starkly beautiful Kaupō

Root Beers, Lobster Claw & Sexy Coca

The variety and splendor of heliconia

Kānaka in the Land of Timber and Mist

In the nineteen century, tough and tenacious Hawaiians pioneered a new life in the Pacific Northwest

Hawaiian Life


Blessed Companions