Volume 18, no. 3

June/July 2015

Native Intelligence

Rock Fever

The Three Hoaloha

Mōlī Movies

As Hawaiian as ‘Ulu Pie

The 450-million-year Walk

First Edition

Kani Ka Pila on the River


The Road Goes Ever On

A new translation of The Hobbit takes readers i laila a ho`i hou mai-there and back again

The Bionic Man

Earl Bakken invented the battery-powered pacemaker in 1957. Today his invention keeps his own benevolent heart beating

The Unexpected Farmers

Inheriting the family farm is just the beginning

Making Tracks

O`ahu's recording studios have laid down everyone from Kanye West to the kid next door

Playing in the Sandbox

Hawai`i's BMX riders get down and dirty

Island Sup’pah Men

The Few, the Proud, the Broke: Hawai`i's indie comic book creators are doing it for the love

The Man Down Under

In an era when robots are dominating deep-sea research, Terry Kerby is among the last humans to venture into the abyss

The Officer and the Gentleman

At the height of the Great Depression, a forester and a US Army general teamed up to create the Piko Hiking Club, which pioneered many of O`ahu's trails


The Last Roundup

On the slopes of Mauna Kea, two cowboys chase down the descendents of King Kamehameha's cattle

Strings of Yesteryear

Collector Shawn Yacavone's audio archive captures the sound of history's coolest `ukulele

Still Stoked

John Severson generated a wave that swept through American culture-and he's been riding it ever since

Hawaiian Life

Connecting Flight

Lindsey's Legacy

Ohana Pages

Happenings at Hawaiian Airlines


The Timekeepers