Volume 17, no. 4

August/September 2014

Native Intelligence

Regional Goes Global

Good Bowls!

Poseidon’s Dragons

Deco in the Islands

Essential Oil

Hina’s Rainbow

Hawaii Unplugged

Nightlife on the Volcano

Living Lawnmowers


Man of the Motu

 From South Point to the Marquesas to Huahine, Yosihiko Sinoto has unearthed some of the greatest discoveries in Polynesian archeology

Moving On Up

 Chef Sheldon Simeon has taken Filipino comfort food from Hilo to haute

Healing Harvest

The fantastic pharmacopeia of Dr. Margaret Dexter

Avian Resurrection

Julian Hume’s illustrations bring Hawaii’s long-vanished birds back to life

Kiyomi Dreams of Wood

From tokonoma to tatami, Kiyomi Kageyama is a master of creating Japanese interiors

Rebel Tech

Hawai'i's maker movement is part of a worldwide D.I.Y. revolution

Drivin' That Train

The Hawaiian Railway Society is dedicated to preserving Hawai'i's trains and their history


The Flowing Lands

Restoring O'ahu's ahupua'a

Purity of Line

Honolulu’s masterworks of modern architecture

Shake, Stir, Mix & Muddle

Crafting the perfect cocktail is harder than you think

Hawaiian Life


Marking Moku