Volume 17, no. 3

June/July 2014

Native Intelligence

Miracle Swim

The Centenarian Shrine

In Her Own Words

The Cure for the Common Cold-Cut

Twilight in the Garden


Not a Bad Seat in the House

On the Case


Re-enter the Dragon

Cole Horibe brings Bruce Lee back to life in the off-Broadway production of Kung Fu

Master of Spirits

In Waialua, Ken Hirata follows a centuries-old tradition to turn sweet potatoes into shochu

The Historian, the Conservator, the Attorney and his Desk

How a piece of government furniture turned out to be a masterwork from the days of the kingdom

Kunkel's Close-Ups

 Small is beautiful, but microscopic is stunning

Guardian Angels

These dogs are more than man's best friend; they're also good medicine

A Star is Reborn

Built at the dawn of the age of automobiles, the last great American train station might herald rail's next golden age

The Trouble With Chital

What should Maui do with its wild axis deer?

The Sweet Slurp of Success

After decades of trial and error, Hawai'i-grown oysters are ready for market


The Doctor and the Kahuna Will See You Now

The Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center is the only clinic in the country to formally combine Western and traditional Native Hawaiian medicine

Mission Ready

Hokule'a and Hikianalia prepare to depart on their journey around the globe

Tree of Heaven

A new chapter in the story of Hawai'i's sandalwood trees has begun

Hawaiian Life


The Coconut Express