Volume 17, no. 1

February / March 2014

Native Intelligence

Britt's Bits

Andagi Man

Weissenborn Again

Bringing Back the Mokes

Jump, Jive an' Wail

Spice Orchard

Garden Party

With Fronds Like These



The Tropic of Capsicum

Local entrepreneurs are harnessing the power of pepper

Rocket Ride

How a dedicated coach took Maui’s All Star Cheerleaders to the top

The Bird that Darkened Kaua'i

Turning off the lights to save the Newell’s shearwater

The Man with the Golden Gun

How a Dick Brewer board became a Julian Schnabel original


Hawai‘i’s magnificent octopuses

Canine Cowboys

Hawai‘i’s ranch dogs are nipping at the heels of change

Forgotten Melody

Hawai‘i’s nisei generation is remembered for its wartime heroism, not its music — but back in the day, its orchestras were all the rage


Runway Stories

Hawai'i's mod squad at New York Fashion Week

The Youngest Wa'a

A new generation of voyaging canoes is ready to launch

The Martian Chronicle

Six "Astro-Nots" spent 118 days in a simulated Mars habitat on the Big Island. What did they eat?

Hawaiian Life


Moloka'i Mele