Volume 16, no. 4

August/September 2013

Native Intelligence

Orchid Wonderland

Try Local


Paddling Pilgrimage

Lock, Stock and Barrel

California Reds

Two Masters

The Outpost



Getting Deep

From big-wave surfing to benthic oceanography, Ricky Grigg has forged a career at Hawai‘i’s extremes

Girls on Fire

Maui’s Team Makaha are dark horses in the rarefied world of youth polo

Cub Reporters

Public Television’s "Hiki No" is the only statewide news program in the country created entirely by kids

Empire of the Sun

Honolulu’s Sun Noodle takes Manhattan—and a few other boroughs—in its quest to bring great noodles east

The Movie Makers

Two immigrants to the Islands team up to fashion a tale of modern-day Marshallese life

Fortunato's Garden

Fortunato Teho has been gone for almost three decades, but his sage advice is as good as ever

Holding the High Note

Plucked from Arkansas as a baby and adopted into a noted Hawaiian family, Kamakakehau Fernandez has become one of the Islands’ finest falsetto singers


Big Country

In the vast wilds of Ka'u, people are as rugged as the land

Desert Jewels

The vivid and otherworldly succulents of the Islands

The Bird Wars

At the close of the nineteenth century, two rivals were locked in a furious battle to find every last bird species in Hawai‘i

Hawaiian Life


Calling All Curlews