Volume 16, no. 3

June/July 2013

Native Intelligence

Raw & Riesling

Hearing Hawai‘i


The Roving Restaurant

Under the Digital Sky

Safe Haven

Notes From the Underground

In the Forest of the Gods

Cacao Kampai!


Finders (not) Keepers

Dale Rohlf scours the beaches of Hawai‘i with his metal detector not only to hunt for treasure, but to return it

The Maestro

Senyon Bilmes brings rigorous artistic training from Baku to Ha'iku

Balancing Act

Swimming with dolphins can be a life-changing experience. But for whom?

Flight Instructor

Island son Ryan Shimabukuro is one of the best American national team coaches in modern history

Hawai‘i, We Have Liftoff

Students at UH-Manoa are preparing to launch the Islands’ first homegrown satellites into orbit

Body Languages

Japan’s Keiko Fujii has danced her stories all over the world, but she got her start in a little studio on King Street

A Walk to Remember

Reliving the dramatic events of late nineteenth century Hawai‘i with Mai Poina


The Wild Blue

What shapes Hawai‘i’s oceans—and how Hawai‘i’s oceans shape us

Beauty and the Board

The art of the stick

Keiki Hula

The Islands' next generation is training to carry forward the dance

Hawaiian Life


Pearl Harbor Revisited