Volume 16, no. 2

April/May 2013

Native Intelligence

Above and Beyond

Green Shui

The DIY Club

A Breed Apart

A Fine Pickle

Keeping the Groove

Book Bash

Poke Goes East


Camera Oceania

Surf filmmaker Jack McCoy has shot waves all over the world; now he's bringing it all back home

The Thin Green Line

Snakes, spinders and alligators: tales from Plant Quarantine

Hula Sisters

Leilani and Puanani Alama are the oldest kumu hula teaching today -- but the dance, they say, has kept them young

Mapping the Hawaiian Footprint

What impact did Native Hawaiian civilization have on the Islands at its zenith?

Smoking Guns

For Hawai'i's grillmasters, true barbecue is more than just hulihuli chicken and kalbi

The Rise of NinjaHinja

How Ryan Higa went from the simple life in Hilo to Internet super-stardom

Garnett's Gold

Garnett Puett has spent a life making high art and honey with a few million of his friends


Higher, Faster, Harder

The Hawaiian Islands are becoming a proving ground for cycling's toughest road warriors

Kanaka Couture

Native fashion on the catwalk during Maoli Arts Month

Who Needs a Bigger Boat?

Two-hundred-pound 'ahi vs. fourteen-pound piece of plastic: the thrill of kayak fishing

Hawaiian Life


The Light on the Point