Volume 15, no. 5

October/November 2012

Native Intelligence

Kilauea Common

Keiki Lomi

Star Talk

Natural Talent


In the Cards

Damascene Beauty

Growing Backward


The Tortoise and the Dare

Can a two hundred million-year-old creature help save Hawai'i's native plants?

Survival of the Fittest

Gilad's Bodies in Motion has been working it for nearly three decades

Brothers in Fire

Viavia "VJ" and Rex Tiumalu go head to head at the World Fireknife Championships

Root Medicine

Is 'awa a potential cure for cancer and Alzheimer's?

King of the Mount

O'ahu's sole taxidermist, Gordon Lau, is a master of the art

The People's Champion

Gifted athlete, passionate politician and revered kupuna, John Henry Wise spent his life fighting for the underdog

A League of Their Own

What do you do when you're trying to fit in in a new country? Play ball.


Amber Waves

Hawai'i's beer scene is hopping. Who knew?

Surfing the Stratosphere

The pilots of the Mauna Kea Soaring Club ride the waves of air thousands of feet above the Big Island

Hula U.

There's only one place in the world to get a college degree in hula, and it's in Hilo

Hawaiian Life


Dressing Down