Volume 15, no. 1

February / March 2012

Native Intelligence


Virtual Deep

Frost Bite

Mickey Goes Hawaiian

Oceania Brittanica

Guitar George

Bawdy Bubbles


Good for the Goose

Fifty years after their reintroduction, the nene of Haleakala are thriving

Sea Hunt

Maritime archaeologist Hans Van Tilburg estimates there are some two thousand wrecks in Hawaiian waters -- and he'd like to explore every one of them

The Longest 'Ia

Anuenue School's varsity football players have, like the language they speak, defied the odds

The Sho Must Go On

Reverend Masatoshi Shamoto has devoted his life to teaching gagaku, Japan's ancient and stately classical music, at the University of Hawai'i

Banana Bonanza

Maui's Angela Kay Kepler and Frank Rust have traveled to the far reaches of Oceania in their search for the bananas of the Pacific


Becoming Word

In Hawai'i oli, or chant, doesn't just speak to the world -- it conjures the world

From Punk to Pro

Estria started out tagging underpasses in Honolulu; today his street art is known around the world

Alone in a Rubber Boat

Audrey Sutherland has paddled thousands of miles solo along some of the world's most epic coastlines

Hawaiian Life