Volume 14, no. 6

Dec. 2011 / Jan. 2012

Native Intelligence


Cinema of the Sea


Hat Tricks

Meals on Wheels

Finned Migration

Eatin' on the Dock of the Bay

Good Fridays



Island Out of Time

Once the site of a thriving fishing village, Mokauea struggles to maintain a link to the past

Rethinking Rapa Nui

A new book tells a very different story of the rise and fall of Easter Island

Birthing Bowls

When woodturner Malu Konanui started a new tradition, he rediscovered an ancient one

The Pursuit of Happiness

In which America's nearly happiest person goes mano-a-mano with America's actually happiest person

Unknown No More

Hickam's JPAC program is on a mission to identify America's fallen

The Aquapodyssey

Could home aquaponics systems be Hawai'i's path to food sovereignty? Not if our correspondent has anything to do with it


Georgia and Patricia

A famous artist, a spunky girl and the time in Hana that changed them both

The Lotus Blossoming

Yoga in all its forms is flourishing in Hawai'i

Memories of the Dance

The Hula Preservation Society is recording the invaluable mana'o of the Islands' hula kupuna

Hawaiian Life


Memorial Day