Volume 14, no. 5

October/November 2011

Native Intelligence

Tickling the Koa

Canned Chill

Now That's a Tomato!

Art for All Seasons

Paniolo Patties

The Papale Master

Fruit of the Vine

Tiki Town, USA


School for Sound

HCC's innovative MELE program teaches the ins and outs of the music industry

The Unknown Cetacean

In search of Hawai'i's elusive false killer whales

Radiant Symmetry

Hawai'i's passion for the bromeliad

E Makaukau!

Dancers across Japan have embraced the hula

The Poet of Waipi'o

Sam Li'a's songs celebrate the valley he called home


The Restoration

'Iolani Palace is regaining its monarchy-era splendor piece by piece

Best in Joe

Barista Pete Licata creates one of the world's best cups of coffee -- from the ground up

Deep Kim Chee

How has Hawai'i changed Korea's fiery condiment? Just as you'd expect.

Hawaiian Life


The Kalai Wa'a