Volume 14, no. 4

August/September 2011

Native Intelligence

Hula for Two

Golden State Aloha

The Far Reefs

The Art of the Paddle

Teahouse of Intrigue

Marine Corps

Public Images

Wake 'n' Bake

Sustainable Soak


Master of the Motorcar

Mark Passarelli doesn't just restore automobiles -- he resurrects them

The Collector

The Polynesians made some of the world's finest art, and Mark Blackburn has spent a lifetime gathering it

Home Off the Range

Rescuing the Big Island's wild donkeys

In Living Color

Clayton Punihaole's garden brought him out of darkness and back into life

Read All About It!

Nineteenth-century Hawai'i had one of the most robust and diverse newspaper scenes in the world



Searching for the ultimate silence in the crater of Haleakala

Legend for a Day

In which our intrepid correspondent surfs Queen's, hobnobs with the glitterati and wipes out on TV

Cha Cha Cha Boom!

Hawaiian sensation Mary Kaye and her trio turned the Vegas of the '50s into an all-night town

Hawaiian Life


The Bowl of Light