Volume 14, no. 2

April - May 2011

Native Intelligence

Friday Night Lights

Star Chef

Clean Sweep

The Revolutionary

Music Mecca

Performing Arts

Smokin' Bluegrass

Making Tradition


The Merry Pranksters

The Hawaiian happy-face spider evolved its signature smile to baffle the birds

Kalo Man

No one knows more about Hawai'i's most revered plant than Jerry Konanui

Legend of the Fall

Over the edge with champion cliff diver Orlando Duque

Kahuli Homecoming

One man's quest to return Hawai'i's endangered land snails to the wild

Hawai'i's Folklorist

Martha Beckwith's writings on Hawaiian culture, once considered authoritative, are sparking new debate

On Papa's Farm

The wisdom of William Aila, Sr. is at the heart of MA'O Organic Farms


Let's Make Happy Aloha Music Time

From hula songs to the 'ukulele craze, Hawaiian music is thriving in Tokyo

Saving Kanaloa

Inside the Hawai'i Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility

Buddy Surfing

On the waves with Hawai'i's salty dogs

Hawaiian Life


Vegas, With Children