Volume 13, no. 6

Dec. 2010 - Jan. 2011

Native Intelligence

The Cutting Edge of Veg

Knitaholics Anonymous

History Cruise

Into the Woods

Lick This

Messages in a Bottle

Surf 911

War and Remembrance


High Spirits

Twenty-two bartenders from around the Islands vie to build the perfect mai tai

Sensei of the Sword

At a small dojo on Maui, Komei Sekiguchi teaches the rigorous art of iaijutsu

Digging Through Time

David Burney unearths 10,000 years of history in the soil of Kaua'i's Makauwahi cave

Treasured Islands

The United Nations designates the Northwest Hawaiian Islands a World Heritage Site

Keep on Trekking

The Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club celebrates 100 years of walking in the forest


Day of the Gecko

The (un)natural history of Hawai'i's favorite lizard

At the Wind Line

Outrigger canoe sailing makes a comeback across the Islands

The Bougie Men

Love those Technicolor bougainvillea you see all over town? You've got Donald Angus and Paul Weissich to thank.

Hawaiian Life


The Archivist of Oceania