Volume 13, no. 4

August/September 2010

Native Intelligence

Pedal to the Mettle

The Quaker Kani Ka Pila

Le Hot Club

Good Nius

The Firemen's Ball

Dairy Divas

Wheels of Fury


The Lens Aquatic

Mike Prickett's daring ocean cinematography invites us all to step into liquid

Night Ranger

Tracking Hawai'i's only native terrestrial mammal, the hoary bat

History Class

Lahainaluna is the oldest school west of the Rockies

Making Waves

The voices on your radio dial ... brought to you by Don Mussell

The Big Picture Guy

How many artists get to make something that lasts a thousand million years?


Fight Club

Going after ulua with Hawaii's best fishermen

No Man's Land

Ka'ena Point lies between ocean and land, between this world and the next

Mystery Islands

How--and why--did settlements on the margins of Hawaii survive?

Hawaiian Life


The Coquistadors take Volcano