Volume 13, no. 3

June/July 2010

Native Intelligence

Anvil Ranch

Round-the-Clock Rescuers

Kakau of the Sea

The Taro Bandito

Musical Chai's


The Bodyguard's Tale

Southern Comfort


Can You Dig It?

Session man Ollie Mitchell blew his trumpet with everybody--and we do mean everybody

Fifty Years at the Center

It's not in the East. It's not in the West. But for the last half century, the East-West Center has bridged the two.

The Local Chip

Taro may never make it as big as the potato, but it's got plenty of fans. Just as the President.

The Ark of Olelo Hawaii

The Holy Bible brought great change to the Islands, but also helped preserve the Hawaiian language

School of the Soil

What can you learn from a garden? Just about everything.


View from the Top

Mauna Kea is the epicenter of the world's astronomy, but what exactly are the scientists finding? A look at seven of the most significant discoveries on the mountain.

The Life of the Lau

The hala tree has sustained community and tradition in the Islands for centuries

In the Garden of the Ancients

Inquisitive surfer meets primeval plant

Hawaiian Life


Song of a Rainbow Warrior