Volume 13, no. 2

April/May 2010

Native Intelligence

From Taro to Tusk

Lord of the Flies

Kama'aina Kitsch

Creme de la Creme

Synchronized Swimmers

Kapa in the Sky

The Last of the Long Cane

Huli ia Google


A League of Her Own

Spearfisher Kimi Werner is one of the Islands' -- and the country's -- best

Roots & Blossoms

The life and times of Auntie Ann and Auntie Kay Ebesugawa

United Nations

Getting into the spirit at Hilo's Inter-Tribal Powwow

Freedom Fighter

In the 1800s, Joseph Nawahi passionately defended Hawaiian sovereignty; now his nearly forgotten story is being heard again

Kona's King of the Potboilers

Inside the mind of master of the macabre John Saul


Life in the Microcosm

They rarely bite, they rarely sting, they're mostly small, but don't count them out: Hawai'i's native insects are among the most astonishing and diverse in the world.

Pau Hana Regatta

Every Friday night, yachts from the Ala Wai race off Waikiki for guts, glory and cocktails

Our Town

It's self-reliant. It's community oriented. It's low-key. It's Hilo.

Hawaiian Life


Aloha, Uncle