Volume 13, no. 1

February/March 2010

Native Intelligence

Postcards from the Edge

Hawaiian Music on the Menu

Late Night Loafing

Waikiki Perennials

Digital Dojo

Island Chic

Surfing in Margaritaville


In Sync

Kai Bartlett and Lauren Spalding follow the same rhythm on the ocean and in life

Return of the Native Sons

Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaii celebrate fifty years of Hawaiian music with two new albums

The Terminators

Maui spearfishers are protecting Hawaii's reefs -- by annihilating as many roi as they can

The Great Colorado River Run

Maui waterman Archie Kalepa shoots the Grand Canyon -- on a stand up paddleboard

Beacon Hill

For 100 years, the lighthouse at Makapuu Point has guided ships safely to the Islands


The Ultimate Wave, The Ultimate Surfers, The Ultimate Camera

Kelly Slater and the biggest big-wave riders take on Teahupo'o for IMAX 3-D

The Bird Man of Hakalau

How do you keep Hawaii's native birds alive? Build them a forest

Try Watch!

OC 16 is the only cable TV channel in the country that's all local, all the time

Hawaiian Life


Life's a Beach -- and Then You Die

Life's a Beach -- and Then You Die