Volume 12, no. 6

December 2009 / January 2010

Native Intelligence

The Greener Grocer

Champs de Cuisine

A Bird in the Hand

So You Think You Can Drum?

Paia a la Mode

Shorts Stories

Woman of the Cloth



Seven Summits

A journey to the rarified and beautiful worlds at the peaks of the Hawaiian Islands

Gigdet Goes Hawaiian

The never-before-seen dairies of the real Gidget's Island surf safari

Reversal of Fortune

Mike Coots lost his leg to a shark, but today he is a leading advocate for their protection

Gardens & Goddesses

The life work of Mayumi Oda

Eleanor and the Explorer

A modern demographer brings alive one of the epic voyages of the eighteenth century

Radio Flyers

Nitro-powered jet fighters, WWI biplanes, even UFOs: Hawaii's remote control enthusiasts are flying them—or trying to

Pele's Ph.D.

Kuualoha Hoomanawanui's scholarship reveals the richness of the Pele stories

Time and Tide

Hawaiian Life