Volume 12, no. 5

October/November 2009

Native Intelligence

School of Rocks

Kona Coffee Goes to Washington

Poi to the World

The Royal Treatment

The Duke of 'Ukes

The Milkman Cometh

Images From the Kingdom

Working Vacations



The Shell Kumu

Lei maker Mel Lantaka practices a painstaking and vanishing art

One Man's Trash

Digging for treasure in the garages of Hawaii

The Race to Necker

In 1894, two ships left Honolulu Harbor on a most urgent and unlikely mission to the Northwest Hawaiian Islands

Gypsies, Minstrels and Seafarers

From bagpiping to bellydancing to crab fishing: A day in the life of clan Buntin

Surf Summit

Hawaii's master watermen head to Sydney to trade chops and make peace with the wizards of Oz

Guiding Stars

Return Flight

After eighty years, Hawaiian Airlines' very first plane comes home

A Wing and a Prayer

Steady As She Goes

How long-range vision and community spirit led Hawaiian Airlines through a perfect storm of industry turbulence, spiking fuel costs and the start of a global recession

View from the Cockpit

CEO Mark Dunkerley on making tough decisions, flying aerobatics and his vision for the future

Hawaiian Life