Volume 12, no. 4

August/September 2009

Native Intelligence

Stitches in Time

La Dolce Vita

Hybrid Beauty

Sweet for the Soul

The Way of the Whitetip

Seeing Green

Enter the Dragon




A $30 million acquisition for $26,000? The Honolulu Academy of Arts hits the mother lode with the Richard Lane Collection

Lucky Jon

How the rascal son of Okinawan immigrants became one of Hawai‘i's most successful novelists

Across the Great Divide

Swimming the ‘Au‘au channel isn't as far=fetched as it sounds—or is it?

Tree of Plenty

A lone adventurer, a botanical odyssey and the fruit that stands posed to feed the tropical world

The Queen's Gift

One hundred and fifty years ago, in the midst of a public health catastrophe, Queen Emma built Hawai‘i's first hospital

The Paster Masters

Hawks, darbys and miters: How to restore a palace

Hawaiian Life