Volume 12, no. 3

June/July 2009

Native Intelligence

Life in the Slow Lane

Pele's Berries

Lands of Enchantment

Tropical Medicine

The Intimate Universe

Ambassadors of the Earth

Sashimi and Swing



Flight of the Mosquito

Four islands, three daring adventurers and one flimsy ultralight

La Mishpucha Tahitienne

Could it be that the Jews are actually a lost tribe of Polynesians?

Kahuku Gold

Soccer has taken Natasha Kai all the way from the beach to Beijing

The Art of Algae

A Day at the Races

Okinawan haari boats take to Hilo's Wailoa River

Kicking Bot

There's nothing nano about robotics in Hawai‘i — except some of the robots themselves

Hawaiian Life