Volume 12, no. 1

February/March 2009

Native Intelligence

Style and Stoke

Redemption Song

Ravine Lunatics

Bird Sanctuary


New Life at the Old Mill

In the Name of the Gourd




The Buffalo Soldiers carved a route to the summit of Mauna Loa and paved the way for African-Americans in Hawai‘i

Shooting The Curl

Clark Little suffers for his craft - and loves it

Fertile Image

Solomon Enos’ painting of the Hawaiian god Kamapua‘a might just inspire your … creativity

Deep Horizon

The pristine reefs of Ofu Island are a Shangri-La of the sea


The art of the water garden

The Beat Goes On

Kapa-making in the 21st century

Into The Twilight Zone

An intrepid ichthyologist dives hundreds of feet and discovers a new world

Hawaiian Life