Volume 11, no. 6

December 2008/January 2009

Native Intelligence

Return to Birdland

O, Pa'ianeers!

Root 66

Cracking the code

Get Set for Tet

Poli'ahu’s Gift

Bake ’em, Danno

Down to the Sea Again

The Barenaked Ladies



Heiau Rising

Rebuilding an ancient temple complex stone by stone

Home Again

That the endangered monk seal is reappearing in the main Hawaiian Islands may be good news for nature lovers— but is it good news for the seals?

The Sweetest Thing

Hawai'i's love affair with mochi

Restless Mountain

Explosive eruptions, new lava flows and choking vog: Kilauea keeps it interesting

Teaching Aloha

Hawaiian-focused charter schools draw on ancient knowledge to plot a new course for Island youth

How Dunn's Garden Grows

A new director is transforming O‘ahu’s Lyon Arboretum into a world-class botanic research center

Inside Fortress O'ahu

A look at the most concentrated collection of historic military installations in the nation

What Lies Beneath

Life abounds in Hawai'i's tidepools

Hawaiian Life