Volume 11, no. 5

October/November 2008

Native Intelligence

Yahna's Gold

Big Chief, Pink Suit

High Art

Shearwater Revival

Rubber Soul

Behind the Green Door

Hammer Time

101... and Still Cookin'

The Berries from Brazil



Vive le Roy!

Twenty years ago, Roy Yamaguchi served his first macadamia-crusted mahimahi, and Hawai'i cuisine has never been the same

The Archipelago of Tea

Hawai‘i farmers haven’t grown oolong for too long, but now they’re getting the hang of lapsang

Mother Nature's Son

Sig Zane’s designs bring the forest to the fashion world

My Own Private Ironman

In 1990, Sergio Goes ran the world’s toughest triathlon. In 2007, he returned to shoot it—and again face the question: Why would anyone do this?

The Moon and the Turtle

Behind the scenes on Planet Sushi

The Mystery of the Hawaiian Avocado

In which gentleman-farmer Ken Love explains the curious reasons by which the superabundant local delectation is unavailable at your neighborhood market

The Mind of the Ancient Mariner

From the Cold War to cold storage: The visionary genius of John Piña Craven

Hawaiian Life