Volume 11, no. 3

June/July 2008

Native Intelligence

Bed, Breakfast & Beyond

Arts of Oceania


Man of Steel

One Sheet to the Wind

Hank's Franks

Out of the Woodwork

The Cure for Styromania

Happy Trails

Blast From the Past



Lithe Spirits

The sinuous art of belly dance has found a home in Hawai‘i

High-wire Acts

Ziplines are eco-friendly and ridiculously fun


Hawai‘i's celebrity columnist Cobey Black interviewed everyone from Elvis to the Dalai Lama    

The Giving Tree

The plumeria may have arrived in Hawai‘i as an outsider, but now it's a member of the family

Green Chic

The Fisherman's Wife

Jeanette Mundus talks about life with the world's greatest shark hunter

Raising the Reef

The Waikiki Aquarium pioneers the fine art of coral farming

In Country

Since the days of Vietnam, Clay Park has rescued soldiers in the field and on the home front

Town & Country

Celebrate summer and the bloom of floral fabrics

Hawaiian Life