Volume 11, no. 2

April / May 2008

Native Intelligence

Flower Passion

Strands of History

Think Global, Surf Local

The Koa Growers

A Heiau in the City

Otto von Cheesecake

The Greener Grass

The Bopple Blaster

Island Hoppers

The Producer



Lana‘i's Own

Kepa Maly comes home to help malama an island

The Life Aquatic

Hilo's Sonny Tanabe chronicle the world of Hawai‘i spearfishing

Walking in Circles

The ancient spiral of the labyrinth offers a pathway to peace

City on the Edge of Forever

A metropolis straddling different cultures, religions and eras, Manila is constantly reinventing itself

The Channel Swimmers

The altogether astonishing tale of the adventurers who swim between Hawai‘i's islands

Shaka Buddha

It's sort of Eastern. It's kind of Western. It's Buddhism, Hawaii style.

Crystal Harvest

The families of Hui Hana Pa‘akai farm the sea for salt


Part myth, part poetry, art drama, Albert Wendt's tales delve beneath the surface of live in Oceania

Hawaiian Life