Volume 10, no. 2

April / May 2007

Native Intelligence

Working On Eggshells

The Well-Tempered Luthier

Sacred Schools

Island Highlander

Pipe Masters

History in the Baking

Steppin' Out

Art, Al Fresco

Maoli Moderne

It's a Moli's life

Romancing the Stones



The Drive-By Coast

If you know Ko‘olau Loa at all, it's probably as an adyllic strip of coastline to be traversed on the way from here to there ... but for residents of the region, it's a whole other story

Coop Dreams

Pigeons, it turns out, are driven by the exact same things that we are: food, sex and love

Reel Artisans

Working in foam, resin and epoxy, Hawai‘i's lure makers are taking fishing to new depths

Our Man in Honolulu

Miami has Barry, SF had Caen and we've got Memminger

Grandmaster Flash

Martial arts legend Hee II Cho changed tae kwon do - and then it changed him

Diving Kaula

Fathoming the depths of Hawai‘i's unknown island

Healing He‘eia

Constructed more than six centuries ago, Loko I‘a o He‘eia is once again ready to harvest


Jeff Peterson's guitar-playing has led him from Clapton to Clinton – with a Grammy in-between

Hawaiian Life