Volume 10, no. 1

February / March 2007

Native Intelligence

Kids Play

Face the Music

Painted Glory

Bee Beautiful

Flight Plan

Raiatea Retreat

Communing With Chuck

Enjoy the Ride

Brazil Knows Sushi

The Coconut Crusader



Art of the Warrior

For modern makers of traditional hawaiian weapons, na mea kaua evoke the strength of a culture

A Road Less Taken

In his long career as a Hawaiian rights activist, Walter Ritte has been both revered and reviled. But his path has never wavered.

The Seed Savers

A dedicated group of botanists and biologists hopes to rescue Hawai‘i's most endangered plants from oblivion

Frond Embrace

In old Hawai‘i, lako baskets sustained hungry travelers. For Sam Kama, they replenish the human spirit.

Grow With the Flow

When Hamakua Sugar brought in its last harvest in 1994, it left behind thousands of acres of land, a complex irrigation system and dreams of a new growth industry

Found in Translation

Thirty-four years ago, a lost wallet changed Puakea Nogelmeier's life . . . and his language

Wings of Desire

Hawai‘i's rare endemic species are the holy grail of birdwatching

An Acquired Taste

Bite into a bitter slice of Okinawa's favorite vegetable

Captain Fantastic

Mild-mannered Hawaiian Airlines pilot Richard Rogers was once a hometown hero who fought for truth, justice and the Island Way

Hawaiian Life