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Vol. 18, no.6
December 2015 / January 2016


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Hana Hou!
Vol. 18, no.6
December 2015 / January 2016

Native Intelligence

Feathers Fit for Kings
The Namesake
Walking the Fine Line
Tea and Tatami
The Deer Rancher
Festival Fare
Drag Country
Ringing in the New Year
Easy Riders


The Great Downwind Run
The Transpacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu is competitive, dramatic and steeped in tradition

White Summits
The mauna in winter

In the Money
Hawai‘i players head to the ninth island to try their luck in the World Series of Poker


Cetacean 911
When an entangled whale is spotted in Hawai‘i, Ed Lyman gets the call
The Fantasy Factory
Inside the Hawaii Film Studio, the country’s only state-owned production facility
Creatures & Keepers
Interspecies teamwork at the Honolulu Zoo
Relearning the Leaves
The ancient art of la‘au lapa‘au is finding new practitioners
Tough Love
Nante Manangan teaches kids the good fight at Maui Southside Boxing Club
The Green Warriors
For more than a century the Outdoor Circle has fought to keep Hawai‘i beautiful
A Day at the Fair
The Hawaii State Farm Fair continues a grand old tradition
The Squid and the Microbe
How the Hawaiian bobtail squid is deepening our understanding of the human microbiome

Pau Hana

The Stench of Succulence


*Note on Hawaiian spellings:
In Hana Hou!'s print edition, we take special care to include the okina (glottal stop) and kahako (macron) marks used in proper spelling of Hawaiian words.  Due to compatibility issues with certain Web browsers and search engines, however, we are not able to include them on this site.