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<b>Backyard Bounty</b><br>Skylar Suiso, nephew of Hawai'i's
Vol. 15, no. 3
June/July 2012


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Backyard Bounty
Skylar Suiso, nephew of Hawai'i's

Hana Hou!
Vol. 15, no. 3
June/July 2012

Native Intelligence


Welcome to the Big Apple

Gary Washburn took the music program at Honoka'a

Ain't no season like mango season


The plantations grew a single variety of cane for sugar, but the early Hawaiians grew a profusion for medicine, religion and even love
Garrett McNamara broke the world record when he surfed a ninety-foot wave--and he's not stopping there
After a mysterious benefactor asked Marian Berger to paint the Islands' indigenous birds, she created one of the greatest works of nature art in Hawai'i's history
Keeping the world's most famous beach a beach isn't so easy
The women of Wahine on Water prove that when it comes to paddling, determination means more than age
In a time of great change, historian Samuel Kamakau worked tirelessly to chronicle Hawai'i's past

Pau Hana


*Note on Hawaiian spellings:
In Hana Hou!'s print edition, we take special care to include the okina (glottal stop) and kahako (macron) marks used in proper spelling of Hawaiian words.  Due to compatibility issues with certain Web browsers and search engines, however, we are not able to include them on this site.